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Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE

The ARE is the federal government's centre of excellence for issues concerning spatial development, transport policy, sustainable development and international cooperation in spatial planning matters. It is attached to the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC.

The ARE-Building
© Mischa Badertscher Architekten, photo: Markus Beyeler

The ARE was created on 1 June 2000. It brought together the activities of the Federal Office for Spatial Planning, the Federal Transport Studies Service, Sustainable Development and the Alpine Convention under a single new roof.

The remit of the ARE includes the following

  • Strategies for spatial and transport planning and for sustainable development
  • Principles of spatial planning, general and leisure traffic, sustainable development and the alpine conservation convention
  • Liaison between federal authorities on projects affecting land use and transport
  • Collaboration with the cantons in all official tasks
  • Assisting with coordination to solve problems connected with agglomeration policy and equalisation measures in rural areas
  • Monitoring spatial planning from a legal viewpoint

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