Constructive Alps - 6th edition

As part of the Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention, the sixth edition of the architecture competition «Constructive Alps» will be held in 2022. The architecture competition is an important contribution to the Climate Action Plan of the Alpine Convention, which Switzerland has co-signed. The Federal Office for Spatial Development would like to use the competition as well as the associated events and a touring exhibition of the best examples of sustainable architecture to foster a good dialogue with the building and architecture sector in the Alps and beyond.

Immeuble Ghiringhelli, Bellinzona
Apartment building Ghiringhelli, Bellinzona
© René Dürr

Sustainable renovation and construction in the Alps is one of the priorities of the five-point plan of the Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention and an ongoing concern of the Federal Office for Spatial Development. The sixth edition of Constructive Alps focuses on the «net zero» climate goal for the Alpine region. The competition continues the long-standing dialogue with building contractors, architects, spatial development actors and other federal offices. For a good and sustainable spatial development, it is not only energy consumption, choice of building materials and durability that are important in construction. Criteria such as a good approach to the landscape, mobility concepts, land use and the preservation of historical monuments also play a major role in the assessment of projects.

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Focal points

The international jury focuses not only on the art of building, but also on the ecological, economic and social sustainability of the building. Possible questions that the jury will consider include for example:

  • What contribution does the building make to building culture in the Alps? 
  • What benefit does the architecture bring to the local economy? 
  • What purpose do the buildings serve? 
  • Are the buildings intelligent in terms of spatial planning? 
  • What are successful buildings for specific purposes such as tourism, education or infrastructure? 
  • How do the buildings contribute to village development and community? 
  • How does the architecture deal with alpine building tradition and how can it be further developed in the future?

Ultimately, the jury also takes into account whether the project is a renovation, a replacement or a new building - here, the climate impact is the deciding factor: energy indicators, grey energy, land consumption and the use of low-tech solutions are closely examined.

Public favourite

Not only the jury, but also the public is invited to give their opinion on the nominated projects and vote for their favourite. The winning project will also receive an award.

The award ceremony will take place at the end of the Swiss presidency of the Alpine Convention in autumn 2022. Together with the awarding of the winning projects, a travelling exhibition will once again be inaugurated, crowning the sixth edition of Constructive Alps.



Constructive Alps: Climate-friendly building projects nominated for architecture award

This year, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein are holding the Constructive Alps international architecture competition for the sixth time. From 237 entries, the jury selected 31 outstanding examples of climate-conscious renovation and construction in the Alps.


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