Organs and Thematic Working Bodies of the Alpine Convention

The Alpine Convention comprises three main bodies:

  • The Alpine Conference takes decisions at the ministerial level. It is held every two years in the country which holds the presidency at that time.
  • The Permanent Committee prepares resolutions and coordinates their implementation. In addition to the national delegations from all of the Alpine Convention's states parties, the Permanent Committee also includes the observer organisations. These observers are NGOs or associations active in the conservation and development of the Alps. The Permanent Committee meets every six months.
  • The Compliance Committee monitors implementation. It comprises representatives of the member states and generally meets every six months.

These bodies are supported by the Permanent Secretariat and by issue-based Working Groups and Boards.

Developing shared solutions in Working Groups

The Working Groups and Boards of the Alpine Convention are concerned with sustainable development in the Alpine space. They help the Alpine Conference and the Permanent Committee of the Alpine Convention to take their decisions and pass their resolutions by drawing up implementation measures and recommendations for action on important issues and current challenges. The following Thematic Working Bodies are active in the mandate period 2021-2022: 

  • Transport Working Group
  • Natural Hazards Working Group (PLANALP)
  • Large Carnivores, Wild Ungulates and Society Working Group (WISO)
  • Mountain Agriculture and Mountain Forestry Working Group (MAMF)
  • Soil Protection Working Group
  • Alpine Climate Board (ACB)
  • Alpine Biodiversity Board (ABB)
  • Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Working Group
  • Ad hoc Working Group for the Preparation of the 9th Report on the State of the Alps
  • Ad hoc Working Group for the Preparation of the MAP 2023-2030

The Working Groups and Boards have a two-year mandate from the Alpine Conference. This may be extended for further two-year periods. For more information, please visit the official website of the Alpine Convention.


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