ESPON Contact Point (ECP)

In order to facilitate and cement partnerships between different states, each participating country has set up its own ESPON Contact Point (or ECP). ECPs are entrusted with the task of publicizing the programme in their respective countries and of ensuring that the analysis and assessment of the programme's findings take into account the particular reality and circumstances of the countries in which they operate. The ARE performs this function for Switzerland and also represents Switzerland in the ESPON Monitoring Committee.



Since 2005, ESPON has financed a number of transnational seminar events involving at least three countries. Several of these events have already taken place, and one of these - the MontESPON Seminar - was held in Switzerland on 5 and 6 September 2006 in Lucerne. The seminar, which was attended by the representatives of seven countries, looked at issues relating to Europe's mountainous regions. Its aim, in particular, was to achieve a better understanding of the specific challenges in these areas, taking into consideration findings of the ESPON and Interreg III B projects. The forum participants attended a total of 16 workshops on various problems specific to these regions, with a concluding report published in November 2006. This final report and the presentation documents are available online.


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Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE

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