ESPON 2020

ESPON 2020 is the new period of the ESPON programme which has recently been launched in order to continue the monitoring of Europe`s territorial dimension. Its aim is to produce evidence that can be used by policy-makers on national, regional, as well as European levels.

ESPON 2020 has the following priority axes:

· Priority Axis 1: Territorial Evidence, Transfer, Observation, Tools and Outreach

· Priority Axis 2: Technical Assistance

It also encompasses the following Specific Objectives:

o Specific Objective 1: Enhanced production of territorial evidence through applied research and analyses.
o Specific Objective 2: Upgraded knowledge transfer and use of analytical user support.
o Specific Objective 3: Improved territorial observation and tools for territorial analyses.
o Specific Objective 4: Wider outreach and uptake of territorial evidence.
o Specific Objective 5: Leaner, and more effective and efficient implementation provisions and more proficient programme assistance.

These objectives are to be achieved in two different ways: with Applied Research and Targeted Analyses.