Costs and benefits of transport


In this publication ARE presents the latest calculations of these external costs and benefits.

Bessere Koordination zwischen Raum- und Verkehrsplanung

Publikation Bericht des Bundesrates generell

Bericht des Bundesrates in Erfüllung des Postulats Vogler 15.4127 vom 15. Dezember 2015.

Staukosten Schweiz 2015 - Schlussbericht


The study updates the costs of congestion for the 2015–2017 period, setting out the total costs of that congestion, as well as the proportion caused by heavy vehicle traffic, calculated as per the method prescribed by the Federal Supreme Court. It also determines the proportion of the impact on the environment, climate, energy and accidents caused by congestion in 2015. Adding up latter costs and traffic delay costs results in aggregate costs of congestion.

Transport Outlook 2040

Publikation Broschüre Verkehrsperspektiven 2040

The Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE joined forces with other federal agencies to draw up scenarios for how passenger and freight transport will develop up to 2040.

WDT/ADT 2010 - National Passenger Transport Model


The matrices for heavy and light goods vehicles currently used in the National Passenger Transport Model (NPTM) for road transport have been replaced by the up-to-date matrices from the Aggregated Goods Transport Method (AGTM) model, and the available survey data has been amended.

Tour of Switzerland - Best practices in sustainable development

Publikation Rundgang durch die Schweiz

As part of the programme of cooperation between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, a Czech delegation visited Switzerland on a study trip.

Fair and efficient - The Distance-related Heavy Vehicle Fee (HVF) in Switzerland

Publikation LSVA

When introducing the HVF in 2001, Switzerland paved the way for a modern freight policy.

External Effects of Transport 2010 - Summarised Version


Monetising Environmental, Accident and Health-Related Effects

External Effects of Transport 2010


Monetising Environmental, Accident and Health-Related Effects (english abstract and summarised version).

Durchschnittlicher Tagesverkehr 2012 für den Personen- und Güterverkehr


Nationale Personenkehrsmodelle des UVEK (in German)

Positionspapier freistehende Photovoltaik-Anlagen


Die Energiestrategie 2050 des Bundes stützt sich unter anderem auf den Ausbau der Produktion von erneuerbaren Energien - Photovoltaik soll dabei eine wichtige Rolle spielen.

Regionalökonomische Potenziale und Erfolgsfaktoren für den Aufbau und Betrieb von Energieregionen


Eine vom Bund in Auftrag gegebene Studie zeigt die regionalökonomischen Potenziale von Energieregionen auf.

Recommendation - Spatial Planning and Natural Hazards

Publication Recommendation - Spatial Planning and Natural Hazards

The recommendation deals with serious natural hazards affecting a major area. These include floods, debris flow, landslides, rockfall, rockslides, avalanches, and ice slides. Hazardous processes do not just affect mountain areas. The potential for risk can also be very high in the midlands.

Infrastrukturkosten Luftverkehr - Ergebnisse Pilotrechnung


German; abstract and summary in English

Verkehrsanalysen zu den künftigen Kapazitätsengpässen auf den Nationalstrassen


This analysis is founded on the calculations of a traffic model, which is an effective means of depicting traffic and anticipated capacity bottlenecks in the future. English summary.