Accountabilities and implementation

The Federal Council has supreme political responsibility for Switzerland's sustainability policy. It has given the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE the task of coordinating the implementation of a sustainability strategy (controlling implementation, as well as performing monitoring and evaluation tasks) at federal level, and also in collaboration with the cantons, communes, and other stakeholders.

The most important body at federal level is the 2030 Agenda Steering Committee, on which government departments are represented by senior management figures from the agencies most affected by the 2030 Agenda. The Committee's primary objective is to manage and coordinate efforts to implement the 2030 Agenda.

In the context of the Sustainable Development Forum, the ARE works closely with the cantons and communes, and promotes sustainability processes at cantonal, regional and local level. In Switzerland's federal political system, many areas of relevance to sustainability fall under the responsibility of individual cantons and municipalities. The ARE supports innovative implementation projects in cantons and municipalities under the Sustainable Development Promotion Programme, and promotes the application of instruments for measuring and evaluating sustainable development with, for instance, the Cercle Indicateurs – a core indicators platform – and sustainability assessment methods.