Climate-friendly building – «Constructive Alps» conference on Alpine Baukultur

The international architecture prize "Constructive Alps" is celebrating its tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion, an online conference on sustainable renovation and construction in the Alps organised by the Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention was held on 9 and 10 June 2021. Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein have announced the sixth call for entries for the prize in November 2021. The award ceremony took place on 16 September 2022.

View from the renovated Ortstockhaus
© Hannes Henz

More than a hundred participants from all Alpine countries took part in the two-day online conference. At the event, experts looked at architecture from the perspective of climate protection, self-sufficiency, spatial development, community and quality of life.

Dr. Ulrich Seewer, Vice Director of the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE, opened the event by stressing the importance of a broad dialogue and a substantial exchange of knowledge for sustainable architecture. Werner Binotto, former cantonal architect of St. Gallen, Markus Hobi, head of the Salez Agricultural Centre, and architect Margrit Althammer explained how good buildings can be planned, built and run according to the principle of self-sufficiency. The sociologist Nicola Hilti, the architect Bernardo Bader and the mayor of Mäder (A), Rainer Siegele, discussed successful examples of new forms of housing and communal use of space as well as their social and ecological advantages.

Three virtual video excursions – to the newly built St. Ursula Community house in Brig, to the renovated Ortstockhaus in Braunwald and to the newly built St. Gallen Agricultural Centre in Salez - accompanied the speakers' presentations.

Book vernissage and sixth call for submissions

On the tenth anniversary of "Constructive Alps", the book "Bauen in den Alpen" was presented. It looks back at milestones of sustainable architecture in the Alps over the last ten years. The publication is published by Hochparterre and is now available both online and in bookshops. The publication is only available in German.

Dr. Ulrich Seewer closed the conference with the announcement of the sixth edition of "Constructive Alps".

Video excursions to the winners (in German only)

Exkursion zum Landwirtschaftlichen Zentrum SG in Salez, Constructive Alps 2020 Gewinner

Markus Hobi, Leiter des Landwirtschaftlichen Zentrums SG in Salez, führt durch das Gebäude und zeigt wie das klimafreundliche «low-tech» Konzept im Alltag funktioniert.

Ein neuer Standard für klimafreundliches Bauen? Im Gespräch mit Werner Binotto, ehemaliger Kantonsbaumeister St. Gallen

Der ehemalige Kantonsbaumeister von St. Gallen, Werner Binotto, erzählt am Beispiel des Landwirtschaftlichen Zentrums Salez von neuen Ideen für nachhaltige Architektur – und wie wichtig eine proaktive Bauherrschaft ist.

Exkursion zum Ortstockhaus in Braunwald, Constructive Alps 2020 Gewinner

Die Architektinnen und Bauherrinnen vom Ortstockhaus, Margrit Althammer, und Marion Steiger, führen uns durch das Berggasthaus und erzählen uns von seiner Geschichte und den Herausforderungen das Denkmalobjekt für den modernen Gastbetrieb zu ertüchtigen.

Exkursion zum Gemeinschaftshaus St. Ursula in Brig, Constructive Alps 2020 Anerkennung

Leentje Walliser, Architektin des Gebäudes, erzählt uns von seiner Entstehung und dem Wunsch, ein Haus zu schaffen, das der Gemeinschaft dient. 


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