Mobility and Transport Microcensus (MTMC)

How far do people in Switzerland travel every day? Why do they travel? And what modes of transport do they use? These are some of the questions answered by the Mobility and Transport Microcensus 2015.

A statistical survey of the travel behaviour of the Swiss population is conducted every five years by the Federal Office for Spatial
Development ARE and the Federal Statistical Office (FSO): the Mobility and Transport Microcensus (MTMC). Data was collected
most recently in 2015. The MTMC contains information about

  • the socioeconomic characteristics of households and individuals
  • mobility tools (vehicles and public transport season tickets)
  • daily mobility (trips on a given reference day)
  • occasional journeys (day trips and trips with overnight stays)
  • attitudes towards transport policy in Switzerland.                        

With a sample of more than 57,000 and a long list of questions, this is the largest national-level survey about travel behaviour. Its findings help to determine transport and spatial development policies. They are also used in public and private research. The main findings are summarised in the infographic below:

Population mobility in 2015
© FSO, ARE – Mobility and transport microcensus (MTMC)

Among all mobility indicators, the share of average daily distance travelled on foot, by bicycle, by e-bike and public transport together in the agglomerations is particularly important. In Switzerland, almost three quarters of the population lives on less than a quarter of the country’s land area. This density of housing and jobs is a great challenge to the transport system. The cumulated share of distance travelled by non-motorised and public transport by those living in these large built-up areas is important information for the Swiss government.

The MTMC data provide the statistical basis for a variety of other, more in-depth analyses. Once they have signed a non-disclosure agreement, both private and public research institutes are able to access the data in anonymised form (please sees ‘Contact details’ in the right-hand column).


Effects of the coronavirus pandemic on mobility behavior

A special analysis (without weighting) of the microcensus data from early 2020 and early 2021 was carried out.

Experimental statistics: COVID-19-related special analysis of the mobility and transport microcensus (FSO)



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