2030 Agenda Advisory Group

The Swiss federal government has set up an advisory group to ensure effective cooperation with non-state actors. The group comprising representatives from business associations, civil society and academia is working closely with the federal government on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Members are the central coordinating bodies of different sectors of society (academia, civil society, business, youth).

The objectives of the 2030 Agenda Advisory Group are to:

  • represent the interests of non-state actors vis-à-vis the federal government
  • clarify the procedures and content of the Federal Council's instruments for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Strategy and country report to the UN)
  • ensure effective coordination of activities between federal and non-state actors
  • undertake consultations or preliminary consultations on Federal Council outcomes and ensure the coordination of statements by non-state actors

In addition to its advisory function, the group can also issue statements and adopt its own position with regard to matters of political or public opinion.


The meetings of the 2030 Agenda Advisory Group are organised and chaired by the Federal Office for Spatial Development.

The multistakeholder group includes representatives from:


  • Prof. Peter Messerli, Wyss Academy for Nature, University of Bern
  • Prof. Renate Schubert, ETH Zurich

Civil society

  • Mark Herkenrath, Alliance Sud
  • Marianne Hochuli, Caritas Schweiz
  • Friedrich Wulf, Umweltallianz/Pro Natura


  • Rebecca Knoth, Economiesuisse
  • Antonio Hautle, Global Compact Network Switzerland, GCNS


  • Nadine Aebischer, Swiss National Youth Council (SYNC)

The advisory group also involves other organisations and passes on information to its contacts about important results and decisions wherever necessary.