External costs and benefits of transport

Transport and mobility give rise to various costs and benefits. A number of these are noticed directly by transport users.

Distance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF)

A distance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF) has been levied in Switzerland since 1 January 2001. It replaces the previous flat-rate heavy vehicle fee.

Mobility and Transport Microcensus

How far do people in Switzerland travel every day? Why do they travel? And what modes of transport do they use? These are some of the questions answered by the Mobility and Transport Microcensus.

Modal choice

In addition to the Mobility and Transport Microcensus (MTMC), the ARE conducts an additional stated preference (SP) survey to better understand mode and route choices. The data is required as a statistical basis for transport modelling.

Transport Outlook 2050

Transport use will continue to grow in the future. However, it will grow more slowly than the population due to social and economic trends such as the increase in working from home, continuing urbanisation and population ageing. These are the findings described in the Transport Outlook 2050, a report by the DETEC.