Strategy and planning

2030 Sustainable Development Strategy

Publikation Strategie Nachhaltige Entwicklung 2030

The strategy sets priorities for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development Strategy 2016-2019

Publikation Strategie Nachhaltige Entwicklung 2016 - 2019

In its Sustainable Development Strategy, the Federal Council sets out the areas on which its sustainability policy will focus.

Sustainable Development Strategy 2012-2015

Publication Sustainable Development Strategy 2012-2015

The Federal Council adopted its new Sustainable Development Strategy. The Strategy now forms part of the Federal Council's legislative planning. It is designed to ensure continuity, and also contains a revised Action Plan.

Sustainable Development Strategy: Guidelines and Action Plan 2008–2011

Publikation Strategie Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Leitlinien und Aktionsplan 2008-2011

Since 1997, the Federal Council has operated a Sustainable Development Strategy as the basis for implementing its constitutional task of sustainable development in Switzerland.